English Style Paper Bag (Small / Large)

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  • English Style Paper Bag (Small / Large)
  • English Style Paper Bag (Small / Large)
  • English Style Paper Bag (Small / Large)
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We are pleased to source and provide our beloved customers with a wide selection of bags including this exclusive English Style Paper Bag.

 1) Product: English Style Paper Bag

 2) Material : Card Board

 3) Weight : 45gram (Large) 30gram (Small)

 4) Type : 2 size

 5) Size : Small Length 14.5cm x Width 6cm x Height 19cm

              Large Length 19.5cm x Width 8.5cm x Height 25cm

 6) Capacity: Can hold up to 2kg item.


Why the color of the item I receive is not exactly the same as I see on the screen?

As long as we didn't commit a mistake by deliver to you an item that is total different with the color that you order, you will need to bear in mind in which there is very often happening where the color that you seen may be slightly difference with the physical item that you receive which can be caused by monitor screen setting and ambient lighting.

Generally such slight difference tend not to be an important issue unless you have bought an item and wish to have this to be exactly match with the color of the item. This is not advisable and if you are very particular on the color please do not purchase. It is rather common that the color of the item that we provided isn't the same to exactly match the item that you have, no matter how temptingly alike when you see them on screen.



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