Handcraft Deco

Handcraft Deco

As being in this field for many years, we have helped many customer to decor their door gifts more than 100,000 pieces. Through the process, we have gathered many experiences to tackle the decoration, no matter it is easy or hard. We find that we like to do decoration, as our passion in this field. 

From our customer feedback, first wedding always have the time to do the decoration themselve. Then when comes to the second wedding onwards, many customer will try to find a reliable supplier to help them to do the decoration. We always play this role to help our customer.

We ensure that our decoration is genuine from us, do with all our heart, just like it is our wedding.

We also come across many customer that bought the doorgift from somewhere else that needs to do some decoration to make the doorgift more appealing. Therefore, we open up our handcraft service no matter the doorgift is from us, or you bought it at other place. 

Please contact us to discuss the designs and feel free to get a quotation.

  • Dewi Kayangan VIP

    Dewi Kayangan VIP

    Sample Price Wholesale Price 100pcs RM70.00
    Feeling tired and wasted of finding kind of similar VIP Door Gift everywhere and just couldn't make the right decision which one to pick? Do not waste your time searching because we have what it takes to make your day less tiring with our lavishly...
    Sample Price Wholesale Price 100pcs RM70.00
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