Why Singapore customer buy from us?

Our singapore customer likes to ask us to find berkat for them, for example Ms.Aini from Singapore ask if we have this coloured glass. So, even though this is not our product, we love to help Ms.Aini to find her dreamed berkat, as this is her first family wedding.


After some sourcing, finally, we found this glass which meets all the requirement of Ms.Aini, she is looking for a thick glass that looks expensive. Since it has become our new product, we named it Diskupi Glass as it is very italian look, and it looks elegant.


What is special about Diskupi Glass

  • Unique & exclusive
  • Practical
  • Thick glass (6mm thickness)
  • Attractive colours
  • Heavy Weight

How much you can save if you buy from us?
As you can see from the previous photo, this glass is around SGD3 from other website, we manage to get the glass at SGD1.80 each including shipping fee, Ms.Aini just need to pay the gst when it arrives her doorstep. we have help Ms.Aini to save up to SGD1.20 per glass.

Is the shipping fee expensive?
For preorder, shipping fee can be reduced via our special rate. We delivered to Ms.Aini doorstep within 4-6 weeks after she preordered with us. Hassle free, u no need to come to our shop at kuala lumpur to pick up.

Ms.Aini bought diskupi glass for her wedding guests. She even bought some jars for her special guests. She repeat her order after her wedding to our weird. Her guests love the glass so much, she wants to give them more just 1 piece for some guests, that is why she repeated her order.

Why buy from us?
You save your money a lot via the currency advantages. If you have anything berkat that you wish but is pricey, look for us…we will help you to save your money..


Contact us to find your perfect berkat ..

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